ESICM 35th Annual Congress

OCT 22 - 26, 2022

We were delighted to take part in the 35th Annual Congress of ESICM LIVES and showcase the remarkable findings of our comparative study.

Our esteemed panel of members: Prof. Massimo Antonelli, Prof. Elisabeth De Waele, Prof. Paul Wischmeyer, and Prof. Pierre Singer, participated in our symposium and held a fascinating and thought-provoking discussion about “Quantum Leap in Critical Care: Reducing Length of Stay through Nutrition Management and Robotic-Assisted Technology.”

The key takeaways from our session:

  • Technology and data advancements are transforming care standards
  • Optimal nutrition therapy can greatly enhance patient outcomes and survival rates
  • Malnutrition poses a substantial challenge in the ICU, emphasizing the critical need for personalized nutrition
  • Through the integration of data, sensors, and robotics, we can effectively minimize malnutrition and mitigate complications associated with feeding