The Company

ART MEDICAL was founded by Liron Elia in 2009. The company offers a range of products that optimize enteral feeding as well as detect and prevent aspiration pneumonia, VAP and Acute Kidney Injury in intubated patients. The technology has received FDA approval. The company continues to expand its technology and work on clinical validations. The company is based in Israel and Palo Alto.

  • CE mark received for both
    smART and smARTrack
  • Multiple patent applications
    granted and pending worldwide
  • Clinical trials underway
    at major hospitals
  • Received government and international grants

Our Leadership

Liron Elia

Founder & CEO

Mr. Elia is the inventor and entrepreneur behind ART, leading the company from inception through all R&D and business challenges. He is a former VP R&D of Solan Technologies, where he invented a generic real time guidance and analysis application.

Dr. Gabi Iddan


At ART Dr. Iddan is responsible for leading technology development and bringing new technological paradigms to the R&D team. Prior to his role at ART, Dr. Iddan invented the Video Capsule technology that created Given Imaging (GIVN) (now Covidien, Medtronic). He has over 30 years of experience in R&D at Rafael, IBM, Kodak and Elscint. A recognized industry authority, Dr. Iddan is also the co-inventor and founder of 3DV Ltd. (Microsoft), Medingo (Roche), and Sync-Rx (Volcano).

Prof. Eitan Scapa


In his role as Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Scapa is in charge of medical aspects and clinical studies of ART. Prof. Scapa served as the head of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Department at Assaf Ha'Rofeh, Medical Center. He conceived the idea of Given Imaging's Video Capsule and accompanied all stages of its development. He was the president of the Israel Association of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2004-2008.

Ori Braun

SVP, Business Development

Ori Braun is responsible for creating new opportunities for ART. Ori was the SVP of Business Development & New Technologies at Given Imaging. Prior to that he was the CEO 3DV Systems Inc., a company dedicated to providing 3D video solutions. He also held key positions at various prominent companies in the industry. Among them: LifeWatch, Valor, and Rafael Development Corporation.